Different Sectors in the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is made up of different sectors. The sectors include accommodation, restaurant and bars as well as travel and tourism. All of these sectors require people for hospitality jobs Birmingham. The roles of the different sectors are explained below.


A major sector in the hospitality industry is the accommodation sector. People who are traveling for leisure, business or other reasons will have to lodge in a hotel, guest inn or other establishments that provide accommodation services. Their services make it easier for people to travel to foreign places as they are sure for the right price, they are sure to get a comfortable place to rest for the night. The accommodation sector includes serviced apartments, resorts, inns, flotels, motels, hotels as well as bed and breakfasts.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars are another major sector in the hospitality sector. Their jobs majorly entails feeding people. This could include foreigners who have travelled into the city as well as people who dwell in the city and want to eat out for one reason or the other. Restaurants majorly serve food and drinks, while bars on the other hand concentrate more on serving only drinks (mainly alcoholic). The restaurants and bars sector includes wine shops, tea shops, restaurants, pubs and public houses, nightclubs, cafes and bars.

Travel and Tourism

The travel and tourism sector major cater to those that are on sightseeing and to catch fun. Tourists enjoy travelling to foreign lands and see the parts of other cities and towns that are unique and different from where they dwell or other places they have been to. In some cases, city dwellers might want to explore their city some more and also see the attractions in those areas. The travel and tourism industry make it easier for them to achieve this. The travel and tourism sector include casinos, leisure centers, tour operators and travel agents.

These sectors are able to carry out their tasks by employing people to fill in hospitality jobs Birmingham.